Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spring Neons

::Outfit Details::

Black Mock Turtleneck Top ~Forever 21

Neon Yellow Skirt ~ Forever 21

Pink Tights ~ Gabe's (Gabriel Brothers)

White Ruffle Socks ~ Amazon

Black Sequin Flats ~ Walmart (Kid's Department)

Black Glitter Bow Headband ~ Claire's

Short Curly White Wig ~ Arda Wigs

Lipstick ~ Lime Crime Countessa Fluorescent

It is either super sunny outside or raining when I go to take my outfit pictures.  I apologize for the blown out tights in these photos.  I'll find a good place, in my yard, to take photos soon I hope.

It is still bitter cold outside.  Right now, it is 29 degrees with a low of 15.  So I have to switch between spring and winter outfits.  Today, I am more covered up.  Next week, who knows.

I guess flat shoes are making a comeback this year.  I have a few flats, but I really don't like wearing them.  I like the extra height heels give me.  I'm short so I can use all the help I can get.  When I know I'll be walking a lot, I definitely will not hesitate to put on flats.  These sequin flats are from Walmart.  I got them in the kids section in shoes and they were on clearance.  They were like 3 dollars.  So I couldn't pass them up.  I generally don't buy things from Walmart.  Occasionally, you'll find something cute there.  But, it is rare.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend!


  1. LaLa hi!

    remember me? I'm renae from simple sequins except I came back to blog land in a whole new car! {lol} I have missed you and want to see more of your absolutely unique style. I love the pink tights or super tight leggings in this mix. SUPER!!! !!! !!!

  2. Beautiful! I love the bright colors of the outfit :)

    Rachel's Lookbook