Friday, November 2, 2012

DIY Black Lace Maxi Skirt

Yesterday, I turned my inspiration black lace maxi skirt into a reality.  It was surprisingly easy and it is my first article of clothing I have ever made.

Materials Needed:

Black Lace (I used 1 1/2 yards)
Black Ribbon
Black Thread
Sewing Machine

Measure your waist and add 4 inches to that measurement.  Then lay your fabric out.  If you lay it out folded in half, you need to divide your measurement in half before you cut your fabric.

Cut at an angle to get a tapered effect.

I cut some length off of the bottom before I sewed it together.

After you finish cutting it, go ahead and sew the side that is open.

Next, fold the top of the lace to make a pocket for the ribbon draw string.  Pin and sew.  Don't forget to leave an opening for the ribbon to be fed through.  I forgot and had to cut an opening.

Put a safety pin on the end of the ribbon to fish it through your waist band.  After that, you are finished.

I made a little black skirt out of left over knit jersey fabric from another project for the under skirt.  You can put boy shorts, leggings or a short skirt under your lace skirt for tons of different looks.
I am proud of myself.  Look out Project Runway, I am on my way!

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