Saturday, February 1, 2014

My New Obsession and an eBay Wig Review

I have been dying my hair since I was 14 and have had every color imaginable.  I get bored with my hair really quickly.  That is not a good thing for my hair.  Over the years, my hair has become really damaged due to the constant bleaching and dying.  So I decided to go back to my trademark black hair.  It isn't my natural color, which is dark brown, but it is close.  Black hair suits me better because I have black eyebrows.

After a few months with black hair again, the thoughts of changing it starts to brew.  I miss my red hair, but it was so hard to maintain the color.  I want to be a blonde like my idols Gwen Stefani and Marilyn Monroe.  Then, one day my brilliant husband says to me "why don't you buy a wig".  This isn't the first time I thought about buying a wig.  For years I've wanted to try them, but always assumed they were to expensive.  

In November, I decided I am going to look for a wig.  I started researching it and discovered that there are synthetic wigs that look really realistic and are quite affordable.  I was nervous about buying one without knowing anything about wigs.  I spent days watching reviews on YouTube and reading reviews on blogs.  Finally, I decided to take the plunge and bought my first wig from Arda Wigs.  I got it and wore it and became instantly hooked on them.  Since buying that first wig, I have bought a total of 11 wigs.  Yes, you read that right.  I am completely obsessed with wigs.  

I can't believe I was missing out all this time.  My poor hair had to suffer for so long.  Now, I can wake up and be a blonde or a brunette.  I can even have my favorite bright red hair again without the maintenance.  I can have short hair whenever I want without having to wait several months for it to grow back.

Today, I am going to review 2 of the wigs that I bought on eBay from the eBay seller Wig Fashion.  

Buying wigs on eBay is a daunting task.  There are literally thousands of wigs listed there.  Most of them are crap Halloween wigs. Weeding through those crap wigs is time consuming and you have to know what to look for.  I took a gamble on  Wig Fashion because this was the first time buying wigs on eBay.  Luckily, I loved the wigs.

Both of the wigs that I purchased are no longer available.  I didn't have the foresight to take pictures of the listings because I had no idea I would want to do a review on my blog.  

Here is what I bought:

65 CM Long Wavy Mixed Dark Blue Fashion Stylish Hair Wig  $18.00

43 cm Heat Resistant Medium Straight Red Fashion Wig With Bangs $24.20

(Both photos were taken with natural light.  The red wig was taken indoors in a room with windows in front of me and to the left and right with lots of natural light coming through.  No flash was used for either photo).

Onto the review.

Both wigs are high quality.  They don't lose hairs and hardly tangle at all.  A quick brush and they look exactly like the day I bought them.  The fibers are soft and look like real hair because of the color variations.  In certain light, the wigs do look a tiny bit shiny, but in natural light I don't think it looks unrealistically shiny.  

I wore both wigs out and about.  The blue wig, I wore grocery shopping and someone actually yelled out to me that they loved my F***ing hair.  A strange way to compliment someone, but okay.  I also wore the blue wig to dinner with my husband's family and no one even noticed that it was a wig.  They thought it was my real hair.  I wore the red wig to my niece's Christmas concert and a random girl said she liked my hair (later found out that the girl worked with my mom - small world).

Most of the wigs on eBay come from China, so they do take about 3 weeks to get to the US.  That is fine considering the shipping is free.  I'll gladly wait 3 weeks for my package if I don't have to pay $10 or $15 to ship it.

I have no complaints about either of these wigs.  They are perfect and I am happy to have them in my new wig collection.

I will be doing more wig reviews in the future and you will start seeing outfit posts with all the different wigs I wear.  Thanks for reading and I hope you will subscribe to my blog.

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