Saturday, October 18, 2014

Channeling Lady Gaga

::Outfit Details::

Black Lace Top ~ Gifted

Black Tank Top ~ Walmart

Black Sequin Shorts ~ Forever 21

Black Lace Hose ~ eBay

Black Chain Boots ~ Deb Shop

Sunglasses ~ Claire's

Long Purple Wig ~ Anime Stuff Store

Lipstick ~ Lime Crime lipstick in Poisonberry

In May, my husband and I attended the Lady Gaga concert in Pittsburgh.  This is what I wore.  Most people that go to a Lady Gaga concert usually dress up exactly like her.  I didn't want to wear a costume.  I wanted to still be me but add a little Lady Gaga to my style.

I've had these sequin shorts for years and never had anywhere to wear them.  They are a little skimpy and I wasn't comfortable wearing them shopping or to a play.  So when my husband wanted to go to the concert, I thought these shorts would be perfect for that.

Here are a few shots from that night.  We had a blast.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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