Wednesday, January 22, 2014

January Wish List

So apparently when I was in my fashion funk, I missed the boat on these Jeffrey Campbell boots.  I want them so bad, but I can only find used ones on eBay.

I am super into houndstooth right now.  I can't wait to add it to my wardrobe.

Normally, I am not into floral patterns.  But, I am really loving this dress.

Polka dots are my favorite.  If you've seen my living room, you already know this.

The zipper trim on this skirt is really cool.  I have to have it.

A denim jacket is a must have item that I am missing in my wardrobe.  I would love to get one with the details that this one has.

Red is my favorite color and I am surprised I haven't bought a pair of red boots yet.  I love these ones with the spikes, a cheaper version of the Jeffrey Campbell ones.

Another missing piece in my wardrobe.  Can't go wrong with a basic white lace top.

It seems everything on my wish list this month is also on every one's list because a lot of these items are out of stock.  Hopefully, they will get more in and I can get some of these things in the future.

What are you wanting right now?  Do you own any Jeffrey Campbell Boots?  If so, I am jealous.

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