Saturday, December 6, 2014

December Wish List

1. Blue Bowler Hat
If you haven't noticed, I love hats.  I have hats of all styles, but most of them are black.  I would love to add some colors to my hat collection.

2. Green Batty Sweater
I am loving this bat sweater especially the green.  It is out of stock in my size, but I hope they get more in.

3. Silver Spiked Heels
These heels are awesome.  Love the spikes.  I have to get these especially since they are 55 percent off right now.

4. Blue Lipstick
I use to be to scared to wear wild makeup, but the older I get the less I care what people think.  I love this blue lipstick from Melt cosmetics, but so does everyone else because it is out of stock.

5. Green Velvet Dress
Still looking to add some green into my wardrobe.  This dress looks so warm and soft.  So pretty.

6. Black PVC Skater Skirt
I've been eyeing this PVC skirt from Blackmilk for several months.  Still haven't been able to get it before it sells out.

7. Rib Cage Sweater
I have to have this Killstar sweater.  I love anything with skulls and bones on it.  It's sold out too.

8. Ruffle Socks
When I was little I wore ruffle socks all the time.  At some point, you get to old to wear them.  I have little feet and can still wear these if I want.  So why not?
I hope to get some of these things for Christmas. If not, maybe I can get them in the new year when things are back in stock.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend!

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