Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mixed Pink Yellow eBay Wig Review {Seller - ChenChen51bar}

Yesterday, I was wearing my short blonde and pink wig that I purchased on eBay a couple months ago.

Here is the current listing for the wig I was wearing from the seller chenchen51bar.

I already had a short blonde wig, but I always liked the look of pink on the bottom of blonde hair.  So when I found this one on eBay, I had to buy it.  For around $15, I couldn't resist.  

Here is a larger picture of the stock image.

And here I am wearing the wig.

(Both photos taken outside in natural light without flash)


This is one of my favorite wigs that I own.  In the stock photo, the wig looks shinier and the pink is subtle.  But, as you can see in my photos that it isn't shiny at all which makes it look real and the pink is really vibrant.  

It is synthetic, but feels really soft.  It does shed a tiny bit, but nothing major.  Other than that the quality is perfect and I have no complaints.    

As always, when you buy wigs from China they are going to take 3 or 4 weeks to arrive in the US.  No big deal to me.  Free shipping is awesome.  So I can't complain about how long it takes for delivery.

I highly recommend this wig and this seller and will buy from them again.

I hope you found this review helpful and thanks for reading!

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