Sunday, February 23, 2014

My Life Lately {In Pictures} Week 4

Remember that pink fabric I bought the other day?  I made this throw blanket for our bedroom with it.  I love how it turned out and it was really easy to make.

All winter long, our dogs lay in front of this space heater.  Geno, sometimes, gets really relaxed laying there.

The weather finally warmed up enough to melt most of the snow in our yard.  It is nice to see the grass again.

Pokey is sporting the one bootie look.  Poor dog has allergies and chews her foot until it bleeds.

We went shopping.  I told you I would spend my gift card as soon as I could.

Pokey is sacked out.  All the dogs love laying on this furry throw blanket.  So cute!

I haven't been up to much this week because of work and watching the Olympics.  Now that the Olympics are over, we can go back to normal.  Work has been super busy lately and I picked up another day so that kind of sucks.  On the positive side, I'll have more money for clothes and decor stuff.   

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and thanks for reading!

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