Sunday, February 2, 2014

My Life Lately {In Pictures}

I'm not on Instagram, but I do like the idea of documenting my life through iPhone and iPad pictures.  Every Sunday, I will post some of what has been going on in my life for that week via my pictures.

You'll see a lot of pictures of our dogs on my life lately posts.  We love our dogs.  They are like our kids.  This is typical for me; 2 of my dogs on my lap.  Pokey and Bubby.

With Valentine's Day around the corner, love is in the air and in my living room.  This is my marquee sign that I made a few months ago.

A couple weeks ago, we had a snow storm and this is what it looked like outside of my window.

My two favorite boys.  My husband and my little Geno man cuddling in bed.  That is another dog under the blanket with her butt sticking out.  It makes Geno look really long.  

Like most of the country, we had bitter cold weather again.  Spring where are you?

Geno again.  He rarely ever sleeps in this bed that is on our couch.  Doesn't he look super comfortable in there?

My new lace pantyhose that I got in the mail from eBay.

I'm off to watch the Super Bowl.  My prediction is that the Denver Broncos will win 27-21.  Peyton Manning deserves another Super Bowl ring.  

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and thanks for reading!

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