Saturday, February 28, 2015


::Outfit Details::

Black Collar Dress ~ Choies

Black Thigh High Tights ~Amazon

White Patent Dr. Martens  ~ Gifted

Black Weirdo Beanie ~ KillStar

Straight Half Black Half Red Wig ~ Anime Stuff Store

Lipstick ~ Lime Crime Velvetines in Red Velvet

I have been feeling weird lately.  Not because I am a weirdo (I am), but because I have been in a foggy state for the past few weeks.  I think it has something to do with the new medication I am on.  I just feel completely out of it sometimes.  Like right now for instance.  So I apologize for not having anything to say about my outfit or about anything really.  Hopefully, I will feel more normal (as normal as I can be) here soon.

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  1. Very cool look!! Thank you for sharing your style #LINKUPWITHLISA @