Sunday, March 2, 2014

My Life Lately {In Pictures} Week 5

I make this strawberry kiwi smoothie pretty much every other morning.  It is so good.

I bought new gear for work to help with my dog hair problem.  The idea came to me while watching Shaun White during the Olympics.  Not sure why he puts the bandanna over his face, but it definitely helped me along with the goggles.  It is funny that the goggles say maddog on them since I work with dogs who sometimes are mad.  Ha Ha!    

Speaking of mad dogs, here is one of the dogs at work.

My K-Mart haul.  I rarely ever go into K-Mart anymore, but I am glad I did.  What started out as a run into K-Mart for hair dye and makeup turned into a shopping scavenger hunt with my fantastic husband.  I discovered that being petite (and thinner) has its perks.  I can actually wear little kids clothes now and K-Mart had the coolest pants ever in the kid's section.  They were on clearance and super cheap.  Our store didn't have my size so we decided to drive to 2 other K-Mart's in our area.  We had a blast, but only found the purple and black striped pants.  There were 2 others that I wanted, but unfortunately they didn't have my size :( 

My package from Go Jane was delivered this week.  I'll let you know what I got in a future outfit post.

It's March 2nd and still snowing.  Really!  Hopefully, this is the last snow fall and spring will arrive soon.  Geno is enjoying it in his argyle hoodie.

My birthday is coming up soon and I have been planning what I want to do.  Here's a hint, there may be some shopping involved.  Big surprise.  My wedding anniversary is also coming up in April.  I don't want to rush March, but April is going to be epic.     

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and thanks for reading!

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