Saturday, January 17, 2015

Pink Moto and Polka Dots

::Outfit Details::

Pink Moto Jacket ~ JCPenney (Kid's section)

Black Tank Top (under jacket) ~ Walmart

Black and White Polka Dot Skirt ~ Forever 21

Black Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spikes ~ Solestruck

Long Blue Wig ~ Anime Stuff Store 

Lipstick ~ Lime Crime Poisonberry

I haven't wore this jacket in quite some time and I forgot how much I love it.  It is so vibrant and adds that pop of color that I love.  I am especially loving it with this blue hair.  Blue and pink are one of my favorite color combinations right now.

I decided that polka dots and stripes are going to be a part of my signature look.  When you think of Punky Little DIYer, I want you to think of polka dots and stripes.  I have tons of articles of clothing with those patterns and I plan on doing at least one outfit each week with them.  That doesn't mean you won't see polka dots without the stripes like today or stripes with out polka dots.

Is there a pattern or color that you wear so much it is synonymous with you?   

Thanks for reading!

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