Friday, January 30, 2015

Summer Inspired Outfit

::Outfit Details::

White Bralette ~ Abercrombie Kids

Black Faux Leather and Tulle Skirt ~ Forever 21(Kids Department)

Black Thigh High Tights  ~ Amazon

Weirdo Beanie ~ Killstar

White Patent Dr. Martens ~ Gifted

Long Yellow Wig ~ Geisha Wigs

Lipstick ~ Wet 'N' Wild Fantasy Maker Lipstick in Black

Today, I wanted to warm things up with a summer inspired outfit.  I am sick of the cold and snow and being all bundled up to go outside.  I hate wearing coats because you can't see your outfit at all.  So I wanted to put on a summer outfit that obviously I can't wear outside right now unless I want to freeze my butt off.  But it was fun to pretend that it was hot outside.  Besides, it is hot somewhere in the world right now!

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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