Friday, January 2, 2015

TGIF Stripes

::Outfit Details::

Black and White Striped Dress ~ eBay

Black and White Striped Tights ~ ? (old)

Black Boater Hat  ~ Forever 21

Black Patent Combat Boots ~ Charlotte Russe

Purple Wig ~ Anime Stuff Store

Lipstick ~ Wet 'N' Wild Fantasy Maker Lipstick in Black

2015 is going to be a fun year.  I want to be more daring with my style.  I'm too old to care what people think about me.  If you don't like my outfits, then don't look at my blog.  If you see me out and think I look like a weirdo, I am.  As Pharrell Williams so elegantly said this year on The Voice (I watched because of Gwen), the same is lame.  My new motto.

I have a lot of crazy outfits planned for January.  I hope you will stick around to see what I come up with.  

Thanks for reading!

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