Thursday, April 10, 2014

29" Long Curly w/ Long Bangs Flaxen Blonde eBay Wig Review {Seller xanimestuffstorex}

You've seen my long blonde wig that I've been wearing in recent outfit posts.  If you haven't, check it out here, here, here, and here.  It is one of my favorite wigs and I thought I would do a review for you today.

I purchased the wig from the eBay seller xanimestuffstorex and it is no longer available.  However, I did find a listing for the same wig in a different color.  Flaxen Blonde is the name of the color I purchased.  This seller also has a regular website that I have purchased 2 other wigs from.  The shipping is slightly cheaper if you buy through their website.

Here is a stock image taken from their website of the wig I actually bought.

Here I am wearing the wig.

(All photos taken outside with flash)


Like I said before, this wig is one of my favorites.  You may have noticed that the stock image has long side swept bangs and mine does not.  I did cut the bangs and they are a little wonky.  I call this wig my Betsey Johnson wig since the bangs look like her bangs.

I love Betsey Johnson and her style so I am ok with that.

This wig is synthetic, but really really soft.  It tangles slightly, but not like other wigs I have.  The wig is very long (almost down to my butt) and the color is a very light blonde.  Not yellow at all.

At $27, the price is slightly higher than the other eBay wigs that I have purchased, but the quality is way better.     

This eBay seller is located in the US so you do have to pay shipping.  But, you will get the wig very quickly.  It takes about a week to get.

I highly recommend this eBay seller and their website  They sell tons of different colors, lengths and styles.  I'll probably buy every color they sell of this wig.

I'll keep you posted on the other 2 wigs (which are the same style as the above wig) that I have purchased from them.  You will see them here on the blog soon.

I hope you found this review helpful.  You can find my other wig reviews herehere, and here .  Thanks for reading!

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