Thursday, April 24, 2014

April Wish List

1. Rose Print Leggings
I guess I haven't got enough floral items in my wardrobe.  I only have a dress, but that seems like a lot for me.  When I saw these leggings I really liked them.

2. Black and White Stripe Cropped Swim Top and Polka Dot High-waist Swim Bottom
Swimsuit season is almost here and now that I can wear a bikini again, I'd like to get something unique.  I really like the high-waist pants paired with a crop top look.  So, why not try that with a bathing suit.

3. Mint Green Wig
I like my lavender wig so much that I want one in every color.  How about another pastel color for spring?  Mint Green.

4. Faux Leather Joggers
When I started seeing joggers on other fashion blogs, I thought I don't know about this look.  It has grown on me and I really really want these faux leather joggers.  I hope I can pull that look off.

5. White Dr. Martens
I have a pair of black fake Dr. Martens.  I love them.  But, I'd love to have real ones in white.

6. Cut Out Maxi Dress
I use to wear maxi dresses all the time when I was younger.  Then I stopped for a long time.  I would really like to start wearing them again.  I love this one from Forever 21.

7. Jade Green Skater Skirt
I have skater skirts in pretty much every color except green.  I definitely need to add a green skirt to my wardrobe.

8. Long Lace Cardigan
I wanted to buy this cardigan with my gift card from H&M.  But, guess what?  You can't use gift cards online and they don't sell this in stores.  So I didn't get to buy it.
I bought everything off of my March wish list.  I wish I could buy everything on this month's wish list, but I am all shopped out for awhile.  Especially now that we are getting ready to buy a house.  I have to save up some money to decorate my new house.

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

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